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Today’s awnings offer many benefits including sun protection, reducing solar heat gain and extending outdoor living.

The dawn of a new generation of awnings for both domestic and commercial use.

Magnificent design, timeless and beautiful. Our new range of Patio Awnings blend into modern facades to form an integrated, uniform whole, as well as bringing the best out of classic architectural styles.

Our Awning fabrics are available in over 150 colours and patterns, Stylish, yet practical. The hardware comes in 47 standard RAL colours and 9 trend colours, today’s awnings provide protection from harmful UV rays, nature’s uncontrollable elements. Awnings are affordable and a great investment for any home or building.

Exterior fabric window awnings can reduce interior heat in homes and businesses during periods of direct sunlight.

Our new awning fabrics add an aesthetically pleasing look to your patio or façade. Teflon EXTREME finishing makes our fabrics water and dirt repellent.

What’s more, the spinneret dyeing process, which locks the pigment into the fibres, gives them their consistently brilliant colour.

Bespoke patio awning, fully cassetted.

// Enhance Home Decor

Awnings offer endless possibilities for enhancing a building’s beauty and decor. They add shape, dimension and colour, and can be custom-designed to fit any structure’s unique character and style.

Awnings also can be stationary or retractable, adorned with graphics and used as signage. They can echo the architecture of a traditional residence. Or, they can complement more modern-styled buildings via a variety of innovative designs.

They can add drama and impact to an otherwise ordinary facade. And, they can add softness and colour to any size, shape or style of home. Depending on the application, awnings can assume a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which makes design options limitless. Awning fabrics and frames also are available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

// Extend Outdoor Living

Awnings also can extend residential living space and add safety and comfort to outdoor activities. A fixed awning or canopy creates an elegant, upscale outdoor living room; perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family.

With the push of a button, a retractable awning creates an instantly cool and relaxing haven from the sun’s rays. In addition, retractables are extremely user-friendly, with manual or automatic, remote or sensor-activated controls that allow them to be folded or retracted. Sensor-controlled awnings feature wind and rain sensors that will automatically retract the awning, add lighting or heating to your awning installation. This can be controlled by the same remote as for the awning.

Fully cassetted Zenara aning.

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