Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles


Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles.

Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles, Roller shutter systems are installed in window and door openings to protect premises from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc.

Protecting a home or business fully means that many security products should be considered in order to create the very best deterrent. When thinking of ways to ensure the level of protection is as high as possible at the property, you may wish to consider the installation of security gates, grilles or shutters.

Here at Aurora Leap, we have been supplying and installing gates, grilles and shutters for multiple applications for many years, so you can rest assured we know exactly what makes a  secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles supplied and installed in Northamptonshire and surrounding Counties.

Galvanised steel is steel that has been coated to create an anti-corrosive quality finish that is protected from rust, poor weather conditions and the effects of ageing. When steel is given a powder-coated finish it gives your roller shutter an aesthetic look that will last for years, with very little possibility of any damage and wear and tear taking place.
Our galvanised roller shutters can come in a range of thickness and colours depending on the type of property you have. But whether your premises are a shop, school or a factory, you can rest assured that this solid gem of manufacturing will have you protected all the way.
The security of your premises is of the utmost importance to you, your employees, your customers and to us. That is why we guarantee all of our customers that we only use the best possible materials to create our products.

Depending on your individual needs our Steel Shutters can be operated via a sprung barrel which you push up and pull down, locked either by a bottom rail lock or pin locks in the guides.

You can also have your roller shutter electric which can be controlled by a rocker switch, key switch or a remote control.

Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles installed in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties.

Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles

// Security Grilles

Traditional Roller Shutter Grilles, classic looks and aesthetically pleasing designs make this an ideal choice where maximum light, ventilation and visibility is required, converting open spaces into Safe, Secure areas whilst still retaining an attractive visual appearance.

Designed to suit a wide range of applications, these include:
Car Park Entrances-maximum light and ventilation
Shop Fronts-maximum light and visibility
Bars, Hotel Receptions, Serving areas and counters-Secure and attractive appearance.

Our grilles – are moving systems providing excellent appearance to shop windows and stained glass windows, and good protection for your valuables. They are an attribute of today’s trade centers and shops, and perfectly match with any building’s architecture and shopping centre interior space. Thanks to Aurora Leap’s ALUTECH rolling grilles the shop windows can operate even at night. Certified anti-burglar protection.

Rolling grilles are made of extruded aluminum profiles: grillwork with rectangular windows, single- and double-wall reinforced profiles.

// Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters come in various shapes and sizes so that they can provide a high level of visibility and ventilation to the store. The punched lath option is the best type of aluminium shutter as its design encourages window shoppers to take a look inside long after closing time, ensuring that your store can still be a hit after hours. Aluminium shutters can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to suit the building and application. As well as providing extra strength to the shutter, powder coating will give the shutter an aesthetic look but at the same time not compromise on safety and security. The lightweight material used means that an aluminium shutter is easy to operate by hand and closes neatly into a small shutter box above the opening, ensuring that it is not in the way when not being used. However, the option of the shutter being electric is available, and it can be fitted with an electric operation via a key switch or hand crank. Aluminium roller shutters are resistant to corrosion, precipitation exposure. They are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly. Due to wide range of colour solutions and shutter boxes design, aluminium roller shutters can be considered as the original decorative element of the façade highlighting exclusive character and modern style of the building.

Types of Lath: Punched, Extruded, Insulated.

Types of operation: Electric, Spring, Tape, Winding Handle.

Types of finish: Choice of RAL colours.

Security Shutters, Retractable Gates, Roller Shutter Grilles

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